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Free Nikon Online Courses For Month of April


Like everybody else who’s stuck at home right now – I was streaming on my device, flipping through Netflix, Youtube, and Google, when I stumbled upon Nikon’s site and discovered that they’re offering all of their courses for free for April.

I had to double check to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things – you know – refresh the page, close and reopen my browser, check it on my phone. 

Yep – it’s actually true!

For ONE month (Through April 30th) 

 Nikon will be providing all of their courses free for the entire month of April! That means that all 10 of their classes, which usually run between $15 and $50, will be offered free for this limited time, while we’re going through this current crisis.

Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. And what a better time to help us photographers out in sharpening our skills than right now.



What’s Offered?

Here are a list of the then courses that you can take starting right now, until the end of the month:

    • Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content with Z 50
    • Getting Started with Your Nikon DSLR
    • Photographing Children and Pets
    • Hands-on with SB-5000 Speedlight
    • Fundamentals of Photography
    • Environmental Portraiture
    • The Art of Making Music Videos
    • Beyond the Fundamentals of Photography
    • Discovering Macro Photography
    • Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography

You can find out more here, by just signing up with your name and email.

I hope everyone manages to take advantage of this opportunity!




  1. OGG Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

    With the lockdown fully in place, we all need to hone our skills. For photographers, this is a nice treat! Photography can be done anywhere, even within your own home, so this will greatly benefit beginners and experienced photographers alike! I hope everyone who wants to learn photography would take advantage! Thank you  for sharing!

    • Isaiah Burch Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

      You’re right – even with a lockdown, there’s plenty of practice you can do in your own home with photography. Hopefully everyone can take advantage of this. Thanks!

  2. Gomer Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

    Being a blogger who uses a lot of featured photos and infographics in my blog, I think this course will help me learn a new skill while at home. With Nikon Online Course, I think by the end of this lockdown or quarantine period, I will re-emerge into someone having new skill set particularly in photography and making photos related to my articles. With all the awesome topics listed in this Free Nikon Online Course, I think this will be my way to really master photo-editing. All the free time we have won’t go into waste.

    • Isaiah Burch Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

      That sound’s great, Gomer. Like yourself, I’ve been taking advantage of all the free time during lockdown as well to work on learning some extra skills. I hope you find it helpful.

  3. Jude Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

    Hi, I am.so happy to come across your website and noticed this article. What an awesome opportunity to follow this free photo classes in April. I appreciate you sharing this with us today. My sister is passionate about photography and is actually following a study atm to improv her photographic skills. I will share your website with her and hopefully, she can make this opportunity an advantage in her photographer journey. 

    best wishes. Jude

    • Isaiah Burch Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

      That sounds awesome, Jude. Thanks for sharing it. Hopefully she’ll be able to enhance her photography skills from these classes. 

  4. Sheddy Ovb Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

    This is such an amazing opportunity for photographers wow. Had it been I was a photographer I would have really appreciated this huge opportunity but it’s still very much appreciated. I will make sure I introduce this to a friend of mine who is photography and has been longing to master the art of making music videos. He’s really going to love it. Thanks to Nikon. 

    • Isaiah Burch Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

      That sounds great – you definitely want to take advantage of this offer.

  5. Kenechi Obinna Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

    You did well for sharing. It is a nice opportunity which one needs to maximize and enhance his or her photography skills. I hope the training will be a long duration training.

     If I can find time, I would love to enroll for the fundamentals of photography. I’m still a learner when it comes to photography. Thanks once more for bring the opportunity here

    • Isaiah Burch Sept 14 7 S. Broadway

      Thanks Kenechi – I’m hoping you find them very helpful in getting started in photography.


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